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A new chapter – Un nouveau chapitre

7 min 33 sec
Date of release : 23 September 2023

Letter to my childhood – Lettre à mon enfance

6 min 49 sec
Date of release : 24 June 2023

In Wonderland – Au pays des merveilles

5 min 45 sec
Date of release : 27 July 2023

Half of our life – La moitié de notre vie

4 min 52 sec
Date of release : 7 September 2023

My vision of wedding film ?

As a wedding videographer specializing in film making, at Histoire Vraie Production, I’m committed to going beyond simply capturing your special day. As such, I create a true film that celebrates your love, your marriage, and your family’s unique story.

My goal is to give you more than just a souvenir. Therefore, my job is to capture the most precious moments of your wedding day and transform them into an emotional film that will let you relive every moment, every emotion, forever.

By choosing Histoire Vraie Production, you’re opting for a film that reflects you, that tells your story in an authentic and sincere way. Every detail, every smile, every emotion will be carefully captured and preserved for generations to come.


Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to realize your dream of living history on film. Working closely with your photographer, I’ll make sure to capture every magical moment, from the preparation to the evening, while remaining discreet and respectful of your special day. We all dream of living the story of a movie, of being the actor of a perfect day, surrounded by the people we love. So make the most of your wedding day to make that dream come true.

Don’t let your wedding memories fade with time. Contact me today to bring your wedding story to life in a film that will amaze you again and again.


a video is good, a Film is better.

Vidéaste de mariage en action filmant un couple lors d'une séance photo. Histoire Vraie Production capture les moments précieux avec passion et dévouement.

It’s this devotion and passion that I put into making each of my films that has enabled me to be nominated in the category
« International Revelation of the Year 2023 » category.

image de la vidéo / du film de mariage : La moitié de notre vie, montrant la mariée

How long does a wedding film last ?

The traditional reportage model is gradually evolving towards a film format, which has a significant impact on the length of these productions. In the past, wedding videos could stretch over 1H30 to 2H, but today’s media consumption trends have changed all that. Today’s couples prefer shorter, punchier content, where every minute counts to tell their story in a captivating way.

As a result, wedding films produced by a professional videographer are becoming more concise. Typically lasting between 6 and 8 minutes maximum, these films aim to ensure that every moment captured has an emotional and narrative impact. This evolution aims to captivate the audience throughout the screening.

Cost of a wedding videographer ?

The job of a wedding videographer is both complex and multidimensional. From preparation to completion, right through to post-production, the videographer is fully committed to every stage of the process. His involvement extends far beyond the wedding day, and his meticulous work and added value fully justify the price of the service. As a result, wedding videographer rates are often comparable to those of photographers.

For more information on the ideal length of a wedding film or videographer rates, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly.


image d'une soirée de mariage en correze

Histoire Vraie Production

We all have a story

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