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Wedding videographer in France

What does a wedding videographer offers ?

Your big day is finally coming. You have thought about everything : the place, the caterer, the menu, the dress, the guests, the decoration, the organisation, the photograph… but have you thought about the videographer ?

The photo will freeze a moment and a smile in time, glances full of emotions, whilst the video will allow you to relive those moments, to hear those laughs, to observe those interactions that maybe you haven’t been able to see throughout the day.

The videographer, associated with the photograph, will accompany you throughout the whole wedding, from the preparation till the night and even the day after to best transcribe the events while knowing how to remain discreet.

Cinematic wedding film

What can you expect from a Histoire Vraie Production film ?

The influence of cinema is very strong in my work and can be felt in my films.

Until recently, the wedding video was essentially a report type. The videographer was making sure to capture every bit of instant to transcribe the whole day the most chronological and loyal possible.

From now on, with the video being more and more present in our lives, this one has evolved to become a true wedding film.

This makes a huge difference : the videographer, as well as the photograph, now focuses on a more esthetical, artistic work.

The film is more centered on the emotions, it is more intimate. It focuses more on the married ones.

It’s not about naming and classifying all the events of the day anymore, but make the viewers relive them, to make them feel the day’s vibe and what the couple lived that day.

To achieve that, the films that i realize have a cinematic image and are supported by a music carefully selected to transmit the emotions at their best.

I’m always looking for this unic sensation we get when, at the theater, we feel a subtle thrill throughout our spine when fully living a scene.

I don’t forget the expectations and personnalities of the bride and groom. That’s why i find it very important to get a first contact (by mail, phone or visual call) to get to know you and be able to narrate your story.

vidéo mariage film correze wedding videographer french

How long is a wedding film ?

The report type evolving to the film, the duration evolves as well.

In the past the videos could last for 1H30 – 2H with a slower rythm and including a few « empty » moments. We had to assemble the interested and concerned persons and warn them that they had to be able for a certain amount of time.

The media consumption now tends to shorter and more intense contents. Now, every minute of the video must count and make sens, telling a story. That’s why the films lasts much less time.

We could think that with this reduction of time, the amount of content or the quality could be affected. It is on the contrary a sign of a higher work. Being able to coordinate the images, the music, the sound, and being able to captivate the audience for each view to be a true pleasure, is the real goal that we, wedding videographer, are looking for.


What price for a wedding film ?

vidéo mariage vidéaste film correze

The work of a videographer is not to be taken lightly. Just like the photograph, his work includes a Before, a During and an After.

He will proceed before to one or more meeting with the couple, will check the locations of the wedding (reception, ceremonies).

He will work the whole day (from the preparation as soon as 8-9 AM until the night 2-3 AM) capturing the most beautiful and meaningful moments, being in the right place at the right moment to make sure to take the best shots.

But the biggest part of his work is surely after the party. Derush, editing, image / sound mixing, color grading, etc. are the most of his work and what makes his style. This work is the reason you chose him and what defines the final result. That is the fruit of a meticulous work that requires knowledge and expertise.

That’s why the prices of photographs and videographers are often similar.



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